INNER LIGHT presented by ALIENZE and NO CONFORMISM - Caffè degli Artisti, Milano - 5 April 2019

Natacha Donzé - Soothing Solutions

Inner Light - Untitled
Ceylan Öztrük - The Venus of Monruz / Q torches

Mina Squalli-Houssaïni - No tears for the creatures of the night / Sisters, letʼs kill each otherʼs snake

Johanna Odersky - In Your Limbs and in the Ways They Move

Elin Gonzalez - Untitled

Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi - Dong Xuan (watches)
Mohamed Almusibli - Love Songs

Jérôme Baccaglio - Fred Jones

Jérôme Baccaglio - Yves

Jérôme Baccaglio - Gemma

Photo Camille Benz